Partners Wanted

We aim to create a network of boating and camping facilities that will welcome our members on a daily basis to help facilitate their travels. We also are working to create a network of affiliated clubs and facilities where we will pay the facility to allow our members to stay for up to two days as they embark on their travels. Finally as if that wasn't enough, we are working to create an app and video feed to facilitate the membership including a Apple TV and Roku TV feed on a channel we are looking to launch. 

What we would propose is a kind of cross pollination between our brand and yours. We would like to syndicate your Youtube feed to our youtube feed and our Roku Channel. We would also like to add a link to your Youtube feed to our website and at times share your videos through our social feed. We are also looking for other partners in this network:

Media Partners

In exchange we would like to ask to add our #thechartedlife to your video descriptions and share at least one of our promotional videos to your feed and website. We would also ask you to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and promote our brand in any other ways you see fit. For example we would be happy to send you any branded materials for you to wear on camera while you are filming your videos  and would likely ask you to join us as we attend boat shows to promote your work and help us promote ours. 

Boating and Camping

We are looking for transient boating and Camping facilities to partner with our brand. We are offering $100 to our partner facilities for allowing each of our members up to two nights stay per month at your facility. Every time one of our members stays at your facility, we will send you $100. The purpose of this is to get our members moving and drive down the cost of living aboard. In addition to the cash incentive, we will evaluate your facility on a 100 point system and recommend you to our members and market your facility to the public. If you would like learn more call 252-617-3792.