The Charted Life Yacht and Motor Club

the charted life yacht and motor club logo.jpg

It occurred to me this past week that we need a course change. The hurricane took our big boat and the Hunter fleet grew. The sailing education side of things has long since proven to be less than profitable and the idea that boating and RV’s have more in common than in difference is a growing trend.

That combined with the success of our new Live show, “Conversations at the Helm” and the influx of interest in our unlimited boat usage and membership signaled the need for a new tack.

And to top it all off, a piece of property is on the market on Front Street in Beaufort, NC that screams for a new use other than just rentals.

I give you The Charted Life Yacht and Motor Club.

It is a club of like minded souls who think that life beside the drive way is not all that its cracked up to be.

That’s not to say owning a sticks and bricks house is bad, but the time spent sailing to some far away place or driving across far a field, is so much more appealing than weekends spent in a lazy boy watching the world go by.

And so we call to all those who live the gypsy life and yearn for that next adventure. We call to you to join us where we will toast the miles traveled and celebrate the life lived more deliberately.

We invite you to join us whether you have attained the dream to live aboard or simply dream that one day it may be so. Whether you cast off the bonds of “stuff” and paired your world down to a few key belonging that may all fit in a ruck sack or take great pride in donating that one small bag of extra stuff you don’t need any more to charity.

Wherever you are on your path to the mobile life, we invite you fall in and immerse yourself in crossing those items off your bucket list. By joining our cause and our club, we invite you to join our growing fleet of member boats and motorhomes as they set across seas and nations to live The Charted Life in an armada of freedom to live life how we want to live it. That is the Charted Life Yacht and Motor Club and we are setting sail today!