Where to today honey??

Don’t you just wish you could pile all your things into the family roadster, fire it up and head to somewhere where the weather suits your clothes? And wouldn’t it be cool if tomorrow you could head to a totally different place and the only limiting factor would be do you have enough fuel to get there.

Well that’s what we are working on at The Charted Life, a way for you to head in any direction on the compass, by land or sea, and find a place that you want to call home for a night or two, before heading out to the next horizon. And the best part is we are working on a way to do this without forcing you to pull out your visa card every ten minutes along the way with the hopes that you’ll land somewhere that is affordable, friendly and clean.

We are working to create a network of marinas and campgrounds across the North American Continent so that you can bring your boat or RV into any one of our network affiliates, stay for a night or two without ever having to pay for a slip or site and get the peace of mind to know your getting a good deal, in a safe and clean place, that is welcoming to those of your particular mindset, namely the mobile lifer.

Now the question is, how is the Mobile Life perspective different than any other? Well sit down at a seaside laundromat in Beaufort on a weekday in November and you’ll hear all about it.

People from Maine to Martha’s Vineyard, New Jersey to New Brunswick and every where else in between pass through on their way down the ICW and they will tell you, finding a good spot to charge your cell phone is key when picking a port of call. Other factor, how far a walk is to the Library? What about a good laundromat or restaurant. You see the things that you need when you come ashore are very different than the things you need when your on a vacation cruise.

And those are the things we want to know for both Mobile Homers and Live Aboards.

We are creating an evaluation survey that we will be distributing to marinas and campgrounds across the US, Mexico and Canada who might be ideal candidates as Charted Life Yacht and Motor Club affiliates. We will ask them to evaluate themselves and we will score them based on their answers. Only the highest scoring facilities will be part of our network and you the Mobile Lifer will gain the confidence in that network to know that when you pull in to that campground or marina, you will get what you expect because you helped us write the evaluation.

So tell us, what do you think we should be looking for in the best marinas and campgrounds? Comment below or send us an email at Info@thechartedlife.net and tell us what qualities you like in a marina or campground and what you think should be on this evaluation survey!