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Our Subscriptions on Youtube is a veritable who’s who in the Mobile Lifer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a channel that was devoted to all these creators, that you could access 24 hours a day, from anywhere with a Wifi connections- The Charted Life TV

Our Subscriptions on Youtube is a veritable who’s who in the Mobile Lifer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a channel that was devoted to all these creators, that you could access 24 hours a day, from anywhere with a Wifi connections- The Charted Life TV

Did you know there are dozens, if not hundreds of sailboats cruising the world with two millenials at the helm, a dog in tow and a half dozen bikinis on board touting the mobile lifestyle on Youtube? Did you further know that there are equally if not more Mobilehomers, Bus Restorationists, Tiny Homers and Van Dwellers doing the same thing in various stages of hair growth and self-removal from society? There are so many that telling the difference between one sun tanned blond twenty something on a beach from the other and one shaggy bearded former hedge fund manager from the next is almost impossible. And YouTube doesn’t do much to help it.

They are all asking for beer money and patronage on the ever growing Patreon and hoping to strike it famous and rich with a steady stream of Vlogs posts about their adventures in paradise and tips to live on the cheap in your RV. Its all pretty formulaic now and you can tell who has had the greatest success by the age of their last video and the 60,000 subscribers on their Youtube Channel.

It would all seem nonsensical if not for the massive following they are getting individually. Most of the posters who have been at it for at least a year or more, have subscriber numbers in the tens’s of thousands and those who have done it regularly for at three years are tallying subscribers in the hundreds of thousands. One my favorites, who I use regularly in the Captains courses I teach to demonstrate life at sea to prospective captains is SV Delos

Way back in 2015 we were releasing 2 episodes a month....The time between when we filmed and released them was over a year! We made the decision to work our asses off and release 1 episode every week until we got "caught up"... Well, THE TIME HAS COME!!!

By far and away one of the more successful Youtube Sailboats , SV Delos boasts more than 300,000 subscribers and by all accounts is living the good life with rum and sun and scantily clad millennials that have cycled on and off the boat over the last seven years. One has to wonder what manner of trust funds funds this adventure, or do they do it with donations from viewers through their Patreon account. Whatever they have done, they have done it with a success that entices hundreds to sell everything and hop on a boat with a camcorder and lap top and head south every year. While some persist, others abandon their Youtube channels abruptly after a 12 to 24 months and presumably return to adulting back on the mainland.

This is in striking opposition to the RV side of things, where unlike their youthful and beautiful sailing partners, The Mobilehomers as I call them, are a decidedly frumpier group made up of mostly younger hipsters or older disenfranchised corporate types who have sold the sticks and bricks life and are taking residence in an RV, Bus or Van that has been retrofitted for comfort as they make a spiritual journey westward, northward, or whatever other direction the wind blows them.

These folks take names like Caravan Carolyn, Wandering Jimmy or The Getaway Couple. and they post their experiences on the road as newbee and experienced travalers much to the delight of office bound dreamers who wish to follow in their footsteps . I know because that is precisely where Jennifer and I got the bug.

These are our top 10 beginner RV mistakes! We're almost to our year mark with full time RV living and you better believe we've made some mistakes. We're giving you the chance to learn from our mistakes so you can avoid them in the future! Happy travels! What are your RV beginner mistakes?

Our original goal was to join the RV and sailing broadcasters and hang out our shingle as mobile bookkeepers and traveling sailing instructors to fund our life as we restored our 1970 airstream, “Tillie” and launched our 42’ endeavour, SV Lost Boys, but alas, I have the upper body make up of a toad and Jennifer is sporting a broken wing. Top that with a hurricane-totaled sailboat and a total gut job of our airstream and we decided our plan cannot be as it were and so we have adapted.

Our plan is now not to join their ranks as we once hoped, but instead now to assist them in their pursuits.

The Charted Life TV will be concentration of mobile lifers on land and sea and will be a targeted collection of all the best videos we can find from the sailors and Mobielhomers past and present who have graced the Youtube world. We are launching the channel on Roku, Apple TV and a bunch of other platforms that will go out around the globe and meet the mental masturbation needs of all those office bound souls who dream of hitting the road when they strike it rich. It will allow viewers a chance to target some of the best mobile videographers free from the Youtube Algorithms and pop ups, slow connection speeds and massive clutter to sift through in the jungle that is internet video.

Surely the other things we are doing, like the Charted Life Yacht and Motor Club and the nationwide network of campgrounds and marinas will drive down the cost of the lifestyle so many hope to adopt some day so that you don’t have to be a trust fund baby or a retired commercial pilot to afford the lifestyle. And with the lowered costs and the increased publicity of these founding mobile-lifers, we might get a new generation of mobile lifer who produces even more compelling travel footage and takes the medium to the next level. We can only hope to foster that, but wouldn’t it be great if.

So if this all sounds like a cool idea to you, or at least as cool of an idea as we thinks it is, share this, share our webpage, share our videos and share of crowd funding efforts, and if you could chip in a few bucks for gas money at

And thanks again for joining one of the fastest growing trends in the New Economy, The Mobile Lifestyle.