Making the Mobile Life for EVERYONE

the charted life yacht and motor club logo1.jpg

Are you a Mobile Lifer? Do you live aboard a sailboat and travel from port to port? Or do you live in an Airstream and cruise the National Parks? Or do you just dream that someday soon, you sell the house, hop in your boat or RV and head towards the nearest horizon? We are with you.

The Charted Life is all about making your home in whatever moves you, whether is a tiny home on wheels in Wichita, a cruising cat in the Caribbean or a Retro School bus in Schenectady - we are with you and we aim to be there for you.

Our goal is to create a series of spots, both landward and seaward, up both coasts and everywhere in between where you, the mobile lifer, can find a place to dock up, stop in or drop anchor.

You see there is so much between boats and RVs that is in common, much more than is different, that we want to celebrate that which we share, rather than that which makes us different. And why? Well because we all want to save money, live freely and pursue life on our own terms. And by working together we can drive down the cost of traveling for everyone.

We are developing a network of campgrounds and Marinas, RV parks and boat yards and every where else you might like to spend the night so that with your membership, you will get free stays at all your favorite spots. We will use your membership to pay for your visits, up to two nights, at any of our participating marinas, RV parks or campgrounds. So that if you want to bounce from hill to dale, it wont cost you a fortune and you wont have to pull out your wallet for anything except gas and cocktails.

And once we develop this network, we will get you discounts on everything else, like tires, fenders, gas, diesel and even turtle wax. Because when we all team up, we have a collective power to drive costs down.

WE need your help though to get this off the ground though. We need people and money. People to spread the word and money to help the people. You can help us build the first club house in a series of club house we aim to build around the nation by contributing what you can at

And then once you have contributed and you get your thank you gift, share it with the world. Put it on your Facebook page that you just joined the Charted Life and encourage your friends to join too. Or tweet it or Pin it, or do whatever it is you do. Just do it.

WE( Jennifer and Crewman Chris, the rest of the members and I) hope your New Year is going great and that the launch of this idea makes this the year you set out to join the mobile lifestyle and live your dream, but if not and your still in planning mode, we get it, we are planning too. And we need your help just the same. Thanks! and Give what you can, so we can help you make the mobile life a reality for you.